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PRP Treatment for Hair Loss: A Natural Solution to Restore Your Hair


Before we dive deeper into PRP treatment for hair loss, it’s imperative to understand hair loss in general. 

Hair loss, whether in men or women, is a common phenomenon and impacts a third of the world’s population. A common misconception is regarding the logic that hair fall and hair loss are the same though it is not. Hair loss or excessive hair shedding can occur because of stress, pregnancy, illness, and exceeding the average daily count of loss of 50-100 strands. Hair loss because of hereditary factors, medications, or immune system disorders that prevent the shedding hair from growing back is termed hair loss. 

Studies have shown that 25% of men age 25, 40% of men age 40, and 50% of men in their 50s show evidence of male pattern hair loss. Female pattern hair loss is greater than that of men though more subtle, that starts at the crown of the head before progressing to other areas of the scalp. 

Irrespective of gender, hair loss impacts the self-esteem of either gender and results in psychological problems like irritability, decreased confidence, and reduced work and sexual performance with social withdrawal. 

Of the several hair loss treatment options, the majority work externally on the hair follicles and do not permeate into the deeper skin layers, producing variable results. Medical experts have tried PRP in labs and, based on the after-effects with results, have deemed PRP treatment for hair loss highly satisfactory. 

What is PRP Treatment?

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy, or PRP, is a mildly invasive hair loss treatment procedure that uses plasma cells extracted from the blood cells to repair the damaged follicles and regenerate hair from within. Compared to other hair treatments that are painful and take a long time to obtain results, PRP has recently emerged as a revolutionary treatment modality backed by successful results of studies and clinical trials.  

PRP works for several hair loss patterns like Androgenetic Alopecia and Female Pattern Hair Loss. It has shown satisfactory results in patients not responding to conventional hair loss treatments or unwilling to opt for steroidal treatment methods. 

Some of the advantages of PRP over other modes are listed below. 

What Are the Benefits of PRP for Hair Loss?

  1. It is a minimally invasive procedure with negligible pain/discomfort. 
  2. There is no downtime in PRP. You can rejoin work the very next day after undergoing the procedure.
  3. Studies have proved its safety with minimal side effects afterwards.
  4. It has a wide range of eligibility, and anyone above 18 suffering from alopecia or pattern hair loss can opt for the PRP hair treatment method.
  5. You can observe results within three months, with a visible improvement in hair texture within two to three weeks of undergoing the PRP treatment method.
  6. Chronic hair loss conditions like Lichen Planopilaris, Cicatricial Alopecia( scarring alopecia), cancer-related hair loss, and chemical burns respond to the PRP method. 
  7. Because of its effect on plasma growth factors, PRP can be used as a monotherapy or adjuvant treatment method with follicular unit extraction for customized results. 

Understanding PRP and its relation to hair follicles will help us understand its mechanism better.

Platelets and hair growth: What’s the connection?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a clinically extracted plasma concentrate containing higher levels of platelets than generally found in the blood that has been clinically formulated for therapeutic purposes. PRP was initially developed for thrombocytopenia and, in due course, used for facial rejuvenation and wound healing before researchers correlated the connection between platelets and hair growth. 

The hair of an individual consists of two main parts. 

The hair shaft is the visible part of hair outside the skin. 

The follicle that lies underneath impacts hair growth and its cycles.

Several molecular pathways, growth factors, proteins, and genes are involved in the regeneration and development of hair follicles that rely on plasma for their normal functioning. 

Researchers have put forward several methods in which PRP works for regenerating hair growth through  
  1. Stimulating the dermal papilla cells located in the bottom of hair follicles to generate the hair shaft and regenerate the cycling portion of hair growth.
  2. Stimulating extracellular signal-regulated kinase regulating cell differentiation, proliferation, migration, and survival 
  3. Activating Akt and Wnt/β-catenin signaling and promoting follicle regeneration 
  4. Promoting the VEGF factor and increasing the supply of nutrients to the hair.

Despite its effectiveness, PRP treatment for hair loss is a specialized medical procedure performed by specialized medical professionals who have the final say in deciding whether you are eligible for it or are medically fit to undergo a PRP procedure.

PRP Treatment Process for Hair Loss

The process of PRP can be divided into the following phases. 

Collection of Blood Sample 

After ensuring that you are eligible for the procedure and putting you on ancillary precautions, the practitioner will decide on a date and draw blood from your forearm. A 30cc of venous blood yields around 3-5 cc of PRP that can be obtained from 10-30 ml of blood.

Before drawing blood, you must undergo blood tests to determine your platelet count and VDRL to ensure a safe PRP procedure.

Separation of Platelets 

Lab professionals will subject the drawn blood to multiple centrifugation procedures to separate the platelets from the red blood cells and concentrate them to prepare them for injection in the scalp.


As a final measure, the concentrated platelets are activated with growth factors like autologous thrombin or collagen to intensify the results.

PRP injection 

The dermatologist will inject the PRP concentrate into strategic points in the scalp using microneedles. 

You will be administered a numbing agent or topical anaesthetics before the injections and feel no significant discomfort.

Hair Growth 

Depending on your rate of hair growth, the dermatologist will advise follow-ups and repeat sessions every four months for the best results. The exact number of repeat treatments or follow-ups depends on your rate of hair damage and your response to PRP methods. Some people may observe results in 2 sessions, while some may require 4-5 sessions before obtaining visible results. 

PRP Hair Treatment Success Rate & Reviews

Clinical trials have previously shown highly satisfactory results in using PRP for hair loss. Studies conducted worldwide have proved that PRP is the most successful hair loss treatment method that works on the inner growth parameters to reduce hair fall, accelerates the growth of new hair follicles, and increases the growth phase to improve scalp coverage in a natural manner. 

In a clinical study conducted on 23 male patients aged 19-63 with pattern hair loss, treatment with PRP resulted in a significant hair count increase (from 33.6 hairs/cm2 to 45.9 hairs/cm2 in the treatment area. Other than hair count, terminal and vellus hair density also improved within three months. 

Other larger-scale studies involving male and female individuals have observed visible improvement in PRP treatment methods. Besides its effectiveness, PRP was observed to be safe and cost-effective, resulting in several dermatologists recommending it as monotherapy or in combination treatment methods.

What Are The Before And After Results?

Check out the before-after results of our non-surgical hair growth treatment at Manya Aesthetics under the guidance of Dr. Harini Reddy. 

PRP treatment for hair loss prp treatment in hyderabad -manya aesthetics Best Skin, Hair & Laser Clinic in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad prp treatment in hyderabad

Who Should Not Go For PRP Treatment?

Despite its effectiveness, PRP may not be the ideal treatment method for everyone. Dermatologists contraindicate PRP in 

  • People with uncontrolled thyroid or on thyroid medications 
  • Those on blood thinning medications 
  • In people with HIV or Hepatitis C or Cardiovascular complications 
  • In conditions of skin cancer 
  • In pregnant or lactating women

Several dermatologists contraindicate PRP in smokers as well as nicotine tends to decrease the quality of results.

Side Effects of PRP Therapy

Because of its autologous nature, the chances of side effects like allergic reactions are lower than other treatments, especially steroid injections. Some of the main side effects of PRP therapy are 

  • Bleeding 
  • Discomfort and stinging sensations when your scalp is being pricked with microneedles 
  • Soreness in the treatment areas 
  • Occasional heaviness because of the anaesthetics used on the scalp 

To ensure the sterility of the PRP preparation process, opt for a reputed hair clinic with a competent dermatologist who will provide safe and effective results. If you are observing a visibly decreasing hairline with excessive hair loss, search  PRP treatment near meand consult a dermato-trichologist to find out if PRP is the answer to your hair loss problems.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment Cost in India

The average PRP hair treatment cost in Hyderabad can range from 5000-15000 INR per session. The price of treatment depends on

  • The severity of your hair loss (more significant hair damage will require increased follow-up sessions to improve the hair growth parameters)
  • The quality of equipment used for PRP centrifugation and activation of the concentrate 
  • Whether you are undergoing additional treatment with PRP like FUI or Mesotherapy that will impact the cost 

If you want to know the PRP hair treatment costs in Hyderabad, get in touch with the team of Manya Aesthetic. Book your consultation with Dr. Harini Reddy to discuss your case to get an exact cost of your PRP therapy in Hyderabad.  

Is PRP for hair growth treatment a permanent solution?

Despite its high success rate, PRP for hair growth is a temporary solution, and you need follow-up sessions to maintain the results. On average, PRP treatment lasts for a year though it may be less in some cases. After that time, the method gradually loses its effectiveness, and without any maintenance treatment, the follicles will revert to their initial stage. 

Shampooing the hair with a pH-balanced shampoo and avoiding smoking or harsh hair treatments can help maintain the results for a more extended period. Eventually, you will need to undergo maintenance PRP procedures.

PRP hair treatment in Hyderabad at Manya Aesthetic is conducted by highly experienced medical professionals that ensure a holistic hair fall approach with long-lasting results.

Why is Manya Aesthetic the best for PRP  treatment in jubilee hills, Hyderabad?

If you’re looking for PRP Treatment in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Manya Aesthetic would be your ideal bet for sure. Under the guidance of city renowned Skin Specialist Dr Harini Reddy, you will get the best hair care experience with guaranteed results. Besides, Manya Aesthetic is the best for PRP therapy in Hyderabad for a number of reasons, including for: 

  • Having a team of the best medical professionals in Hyderabad 
  • Strictly following quality and safety protocols 
  • Being located at the heart of Hyderabad 
  • Offering customized hair care solutions based on hair texture and intensity of hair loss.



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