Laser Hair Removal (LHR)


Having unwanted hair on the face, chin, underarms, chest, legs, and Bikini areas can make impact your looks and make you feel uncomfortable. This is true for both men and women.

While there are many causes for excessive hair growth, some of the most compelling reasons are puberty and hormonal imbalance.

Treatments available

Laser Hair Removal Treatment is a time-tested and proven method for getting rid of those unwanted hair follicles growing in the areas of your body where you don’t want to flaunt hair at all. The use of laser in the world of medicine for treating diseases and anomalies has been on the rise.

At Manya Aesthetics, we are powered by a pool of passionate health consultants with the best technical know-how of the latest skin, hair & weight-loss treatments.


While there are many types of laser hair removal methods in the industry, Fotona Laser Hair Reduction is the ultimate laser technology for removing unwanted hair growth on your body.

Manya Aesthetics prides itself in bringing Fotona technology to Hyderabad. Why Fotona Laser Hair Reduction is the best for you?Fotona’s laser is a non-invasive procedureand works well for all skin types, relies on the revolutionary pulse control technology that delivers higher efficacy rates and safety standards than other similar laser treatments for hair removal.

It’s worth a mention that Fotona uses nd:YAG laser system with FRAC3 technology to destroy the hair follicles in the affected areas effectively without causing much impact to the surrounding epidermal skin tissue and the skin color.

Who’s the treatment for? Laser Hair Removal (LHR) works well for people with dark hair and doesn’t work on grey hair. This cutting-edge laser technology is for people with excessive hair growth in the body areas such as face, chin, underarms, chest, legs, and Bikini.

Additionally, even victims with strawberry legs and rough skin with open pores that facilitate the hair growth are perfect candidates for LHR.

From Laser Hair Removal For Upper Lips to Laser Hair Removal For Underarms to Laser Hair Removal For Facial Hair to Laser Hair Removal For Full Body, Manya Aesthetics offers them all.

What to expect

The Laser Hair Removal (LHR) procedure that we are going to use on you for staying free from excessive hair growth will be a painless procedure as it doesn’t involve any surgery.

Before getting started with the laser treatment for hair reduction, the hair consultant will do the following.

1. Cleanse the area of your body skin with soap and water where the laser is going to be used
2. Shave any existing hair on the treatment area, hair must not be longer than 1-2 mm
3. Examine the patient’s skin type

Additionally, before the laser hair removal treatment, the patient is expected to

1. Not indulge in any kind of waxing for at least one (1) month before or after the day of the laser hair removal therapy, however there are no restrictions on shaving
2. Apply a sunscreen on the day of the laser hair removal therapy
3. Not indulge in any SPA or Facial Treatment for at least six (6) weeks prior to the day of the laser hair removal therapy

LHR is a results-oriented procedure with a high success rate. Upon successful completion of the procedure, you can expect youthful shiny satin skin with closed pores.

We recommend initiating a one-to-one personalized appointment with our hair removal specialists before the actual laser treatment for hair removal. Doing this can get yourself acquainted with the actual procedure that’s going to be used by the hair removal technicians.

Time frame

Typically, Laser Hair Removal Treatments are done in multiple sessions (7 to 8) lasting for anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks and the actual number depends on various factors, including the area where the unwanted hair is growing.

Our body hair grows in phases and this kind of laser hair removal technique works best when we offer laser therapy when the hair in the affected portion is in anagen phase.

At any given point in time, only 20% of hair is in this so-called anagen phase and so the technicians need to wait patiently for the hair to reach this phase for performing the treatment.

Side effects

Fotona Laser Hair Removal is unarguably one of the most reliable techniques for staying free from excessive hair growth and it doesn’t lead to any significant side effects.