Vitamin Infusion

What is Vitamin Infusion?

Vitamin infusion is a type of dermal infusion wherein vitamins are injected into the skin in order to heal or improve its blemishes. It helps in replenishing dull and pigmented skin with the help of the right nutrients and vitamins. It also improves exhausted and vitamin deficient skin and makes it look more gleaming. Vitamin infusion therapy is also done to repair damaged skin.

How is it beneficial?

This therapy is highly beneficial for your skin as the required vitamins are directly infused into your skin through injection. The vitamins work in skin rejuvenation and improving your skin’s health from the inside. This will give a much healthier glow and make your skin look bright and youthful. This is especially useful for people who want to get rid of skin dullness and dark circles.

Vitamin Infusion

What to expect

The doctor would use injections on your skin to fill it with essentials vitamins, so be prepared to feel some pain. With a Vitamin Infusion your skin absorbs around 90% of the vitamins injected so your skin will feel flushed and heavy after the treatment. But this will only positively affect your skin in the long run.

Time frame

Usually 1 session is enough as you will noticeably see the improvement within hours. Each session of Vitamin Infusion will last about 45 minutes. We recommend you come for a session of Vitamin infusion right before any major even or get-together in your life.

Side effects

You will feel a little pain during treatment because of the injections. Apart from this you will visibly feel a slight increase in energy levels in your body, but this will only last for a day.