Excessive fat is caused due to genetics, overeating, diabetes, weak metabolisms and sedentary lifestyles. It is also caused by unhealthy diets. TightLase is a Fotona trademark procedure that works in melting the excess fat through laser.

Treatments available

TightLase in itself is a procedure. It considerably reduces the appearance of cellulite. TightLase features dual-length laser technology, which means two lasers work in treating the fat in a different manner albeit to produce the same desired result of fat reduction.

What to expect

During the TightLase procedure you will only feel a little heating sensation. This is because of the Laser working on melting the fat in your body.


Time frame

TightLase would require 1 to 2 treatment sessions but most patients will see the noticeable difference after the first session itself. Each session could last around half an hour to one hour.

Side effects

Apart from the heating sensation on your body there are no other side effects to TightLase. In some very rare cases, some patients would see some discolourisation or redness on the treated areas.