Skin Tags Removal


Skin tags also called acrochordon appear due to the congestion of blood vessels and collagen in between skin folds. It is actually unclear how and why skin tags occur specifically. Many doctors believe that it is caused due to friction between the skin and your clothes. But this is also disputed. Skin tags can sometimes appear on their own without warning or without any causes. They appear in the form of raised or suspended lumps of skin and blood vessels.

Treatments available

1.Laser Treatment:Laser treatment can destroy the skin tags on your skin using strong Lasers. The laser will work in decreasing blood flow to your skin tag and decaying the skin tag so it can be easily removed.


What to expect

You will feel a strong heating sensation on your skin tags as that is the laser working in killing the root(blood vessels) behind your skin tags It will fall off in about 10 to 15 days after the treatment. The only downside is this method is that it can irritate the skin around the skin tag

Time frame

A skin tag can generally be removed in just one session and one session will last for about half an hour.

Side effects

If a skin tag is not removed properly, there are chances it can regrow after a few weeks. But this is rare as the laser works in completely destroying the roots of the skin tags. You will only feel a slight burning sensation during the Laser treatment.