Red Carpet Glow

Want that red carpet glow?

Wondering how celebrities get that famous red carpet glow? Of course, a team of stylists and makeup artists helps, but clued up celebs have discovered a secret – LA’s most famous dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, and his revolutionary chemical ZO peel. The ZO Ossential Stimulator Peel is the ideal solution for a short-term, immediate skin boost, the perfect peel before a special occasion. Your Skin Doctors have brought this famous treatment from the Hills of Hollywood to our UK clinics, and our clients have marvelled at the refreshed and rejuvenated results they see – in minutes! Book an appointment today to find out more.

What makes the ZO Ossential Stimulator so special?

This unique, patented peel is the go-to treatment to give you a revitalised look in minutes. The Stimulator Peel works by smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin texture, acne, age spots, and uneven pigmentation.

When can I use the peel?

The Stimulator Peel is a quick treatment that can be done in your lunch hour, and is perfect before any big occasion. What makes it particularly special is that it requires no downtime – there is no peeling or redness afterwards; just walk out with glowing, healthy skin. To maintain the benefits, you can continue having the Stimulator Peel on a weekly basis.

What areas of the skin will the peel target?

The peel aims to rejuvenate the skin as a whole by exfoliating damaged skin layers, softening fine lines and wrinkles, treating sun damage and stimulating the production of collagen at a deeper level. It can also improve the appearance of age spots of areas of hyperpigmentation.

How many peels will I need?

From the first peel, clients notice significant results, but maximum benefits can be achieved with a series of three to four peels carried out at one to two week intervals.