Mole Removal


Moles are caused when cells in the skin sometimes mysteriously grow in clusters and lumps. Moles are usually caused due to genetics. Melanocytes are the type of cells responsible for causing moles. They are distributed throughout your skin and produce melanin that gives it its dark colour.

Treatments available

1.Laser Treatment:During laser moles removal, periodic bursts of intense light will be directed toward the mole, breaking down the skin cells it is made up of. The laser is only precisely targeted at the mole, which means that only the mole is destroyed and the surrounding tissue is left intact.

Mole Removal

What to expect

The time taken to remove moles through laser is minimal, wherein the removal of each mole takes only a few minutes. You will feel heat at the places where the laser is targeted as that is the laser working to minimize the appearance of the mole.

Time frame

Each session of mole removal through laser will only take around 15-25 minutes. In most cases, it can be removed in just one session, unless the mole is too severe. Then it would require more than a couple of sessions.

Side effects

The laser treatment for mole removal in itself is not painful. You will only feel a pink appearance on your skin after the treatment on the places where the moles used to be present.