Laser hair Growth Procedure


Hairfall is caused due to hormonal changes, medical conditions, heredity or old age. This treatment is for strengthening and increasing the volume of hair. We use Lasers that help unhealthy or dead hair follicles regain their lives and grow to their full extent. This helps in increasing the volume of hair and creating fresher, healthier hair.

Treatments available

1.Laser Treatment: Laser treatment uses low-level medical-grade lasers to stimulate the hair follicles for growing newer and fuller hair from places where hair is dying.

2.HaiRestart: HaiRestart is a trademark procedure offered by Fotona. HaiRestart treatments are very quick and pain free. HaiRestart is a certified procedure to regrow your hair from the very areas they were balding.

Laser hair Growth Procedure

What to expect

Under Laser treatment which will happen for 2 months consisting of 5 sessions you feel the slight heat of the Laser on your scalp

HaiRestart is a pain-free laser procedure that lasts only about 10 minutes each session.

Time frame

Laser treatment for hair will take 5 sessions of treatment that will span about 2 months.

For HaiRestart, 6 sessions are ideal. A gap of 2 weeks must be given between each session. Therefore the treatment will be completed on 2 months of time.

Side effects

As such there are no significant side effects to this treatment except heating sensations on your head.

Immediately after the HaiRestart treatment you will notice some redness and swelling on your scalp, but this will subside within a day itself.