Laser Liposuction


Heavy weight can be a cause of obesity, overeating or genetic issues. This can sometimes not be cured through exercise or diet plans, in such severe cases, an easy and effective method to get rid of too much weight is liposuction. Laser liposuction is a well renowned and proven way to remove excess fat.

Treatments available

The liposuction treatment done through Laser at Manya Aesthetics is sure to give the desired results and make you slimmer.

What to expect

The Laser melts the fat and reduces weight by at least a 25%. It is not painful at all. Each session will last about 10-20 minutes and multiple sessions may be necessary. Anaesthesia is usually applied on the areas acted upon in order to numb them.

Laser Liposuction

Time frame

Usually, 6 sessions are ideal for Laserliposuction and this will require 3 months of time.

Side effects

The only side effect to Laser liposuction is the numbness you will feel on certain parts of the body after the applied anaesthetic.