Flaky Scalp Treatment for healthier scalp


A lack of moisture is what causes a flaky scalp. Yourscalp becomes dry because of low amount of water in the layers of skin underneath your hair. This causes flakes to appear in your scalp. Lasertreatments used for flaky scalp treatment is done by projecting strongLasers on your scalp, thereby destroying the dead cells on your scalp and making way for new skin.

Treatments available

The most useful treatment for flaky scalp is Laser treatment since this is a rejuvenating treatment for your scalp and will make your scalp feel healthier

Flaky Scalp Treatment for healthier scalp

What to expect

The Laser will be projected on top of your scalp slowly and gently, until it covers your entire scalp. You may feel a very hot sensation on your scalp during treatment.

Time frame

The flaky scalp treatment requires 3 to 4 sessions spanning 2 months.

Side effects

There are absolutely no side effects to this kind of Laser treatment for the scalp besides the heat you will feel on your scalp during treatment.