Dark Circles Removal


Dark circles is a general term that is used for the marks of dark discolourisation that is seen under the eyes. This is mainly caused due to too much stress, sleeplessness, allergies and eye rubbing. While dark circles is not a very serious skin issue, it can make a person look tired, bloated and unhealthy. There are many home treatments you can undergo at the comfort of your home that can successfully remove dark circles. If even this doesn't work go ahead with a Laser treatment at Manya Aesthetics.

Treatments available

1.Laser Treatment: Laser treatment has been used to clear dark circles for a really long time now. Over the years it has only advanced as one of the best treatments available to get rid of dark circles. It is fast and painless. It will help give you supple skin around your eyes in a matter of weeks.

Dark Circles Removal

2.Chemical Peeling: Chemical Peeling is the application of chemical solutions under your eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles. This process makes your skin absorb useful and nutritious chemicals in order to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. Chemical Peeling can effectively decrease dark circles around your eyes in a non-invasive way.

3.Microneedling: Microneedling is the controlled pricking of your skin that aims in facilitating the process of Collagen production by creating small wounds. Although it can be a little painful it is a certified and effective way to remove dark circles.

What to expect

Laser will pass through the skin around your eyes and create new Collagen by destroying older and damaged skin. Undergoing the Laser treatment can completely replace the old spoilt skin with newer, more glowing skin.

Chemical Peeling can cause a little burning sensation around your eyes during treatment but this is only due to the skin absorbing the chemicals. Once the patient’s skin has absorbed the vital chemicals, it has the chance to look fresher and revitalized.

Microneedling consists of sterilized needles pricking your skin. The doctor uses a rotating brush like instrument and rolls it over your skin in an attempt to increase Collagen production by the process wound healing.

Time frame

Laser treatment for dark circles removal will require around 3-4 sessions and can be completed within 4 months of time.

Chemical Peeling will also require 2-4 sessions and can be completed within 4 months of time.

Microneedling is a short procedure that can be completed in just a couple of sessions. But each session can sometimes last upto 3 hours.

Side effects

You will only feel a slight amount of itchiness and redness on your skin during the Laser session but this will subside gradually after a few days after the treatment is completed.

Chemical Peeling will cause a slight burning sensation on your skin, and can even cause skin allergies on people who have sensitive skin.

Microneedling is a slightly painful process and the pain will relent for at least a few days. In order to subdue the pain the doctor will apply a calming serum on your face.