Dandruff Removal Treatment


A lot of people have dandruff problems these days, in fact, dandruff is a very common hair problem among people. Dandruff is usually caused due to unhealthy scalp, dry scalp, or a scalp that becomes irritated due to dust or pollution. We will offer you certified Lasertreatment, that will help you get rid of all your dandruff.

Treatments available

1.Laser Treatment: We offer you Laser treatment that uses a strong Laser that can destruct all the dandruff on your head. You may feel a small heating sensation on your head during the process, but once the process is done all the dandruff will disappear within days.

Dandruff Removal Treatment

What to expect

The Laser treatment for dandruff will need atleast 3 sessions, and sometimes even more if the dandruff is too dense.

Time frame

This treatment will require 2 months of time.

Side effects

Slight burning sensation on scalp during the process.