Cool Sculpting


Being overweight is a common problem for many people, including kids, teenagers, adolescents and adults. People become obese or overweight for reasons such as genetics, lifestyle, dietary habits and lack of exercise(sedentary lifestyle).

Treatments available

1.Cool Sculpting:Cool Sculpting is also called as Cryolipolysis. It is a non-invasive procedure for freezing away the body fat for reshaping your body with the best contours. The procedure involves the use of a gel pad and an applicator for passing on the freezingly cold temperature to the fatty areas of the body for weight reduction. It is known to freeze away 25 to 30 per cent of the fat on the body curves or bulges.

Cool Sculpting

What to expect

If you are on the lookout for reshaping your body to look your best, then you can rely on Cool Sculpting’s time tested and proven procedure for toning your body. First off, you need to have a one-to-one personalized interaction with your doctor before taking the non-invasive Cool Sculpting treatment. This enables the doctor to know the specific requirements for reshaping your body. As a next step, the doctor will analyze your profile and offer a holistic Cool Sculpting solution to help you get rid of the extra fat on your body. Lastly, you need to book an online appointment with the doctor to jumpstart the procedure.

Time frame

Typically, Cool Sculpting gets done in multiple sessions and the actual number depends on the intensity of the individual’s body sculpting requirement. Each session can last from anywhere between 30 minutes to 60 minutes. This is a time-consuming procedure, and the final results will begin to show in about 6 months or 1 year.

Side effects

Cool Sculpting is unarguably one of the most reliable techniques for freezing away the extra fat, but it may lead to some temporary side effects such as Numbness, Swelling, Redness, Reduced tongue and lip movement.