Cellulite Removal


Cellulite is a very common and modern health problem. Cellulite is basically the fat that accumulates in various parts of your body due to unhealthy foods not processing well. Cellulite can easily be removed using Lasers as the fat cells are melted and released through the body.

Treatments available

The Lasertreatment for removing cellulite is a common practice all around the world. It only requires a Laser brush-like pen that is rolled all over the fatty areas. The treatment is very successful and painless.

Cellulite Removal

What to expect

A Laser brush-like pen is applied all around the fat areas to melt the fat. The fat in these areas melts almost instantly. You might feel a slight heating sensation when the Laser is applied but this is only during the treatment.

Time frame

2 to 5 sessions are required which can be completed within 1 month.

Side effects

Some side effects may include bruising and discomfort after the procedure.