Accidental or Surgical Scarring


The scars caused by accidents that happened in the past or the scars caused by surgeries that you have undergone in the past can be easily removed thanks to laser treatments. We utilize high-end lasers, which are the latest models of equipment in the industry today, to carefully erase the scars of accidents or surgeries.

Treatments available

1.Laser Treatment: Laser treatmentuses strong beams of light to cure discoloured areas on the body caused by accidental scars. Laser treatment can significantly improve the appearance of scars.

2.Chemical Peeling: Chemical solutions are used in minimizing the appearance of scars by removing the topmost layer of the skin.

Accidental or Surgical Scarring

What to expect

Laser treatment uses laser to remove the uppermost layer of skin( the epidermis) and therefore getting rid of the scarred skin.

Chemical peeling uses the application of chemical solutions to peel off the top most layer of the skin and reveal newer skin.

Time frame

Laser treatment for accidental scars will require upto 5-6 sessions and can be completed in 6 months.

A patient would require upto 5 sessions of chemical peeling treatment. Even more sessions could be required in case the scar is too difficult to remove. A gap of at least 1 month should be given between each session.

Side effects

Laser treatment can cause some redness and itchiness as side effects.

You will feel a temporary burning sensation after the treatment of chemical peeling for Accidental Scar Removal.