Tan Removal


Tans are usually caused due to heavy sunlight on the skin. It can be caused due to prolonged exposure outside in the sunlight. Laser can effectively and permanently remove tans from your skin if used in low intensity. In fact, the Laser that is usually used for tan removal are low intensity Lasers. Very mild beams of Laser are projected onto your skin, this helps remove damaged skin cells giving space to new cells for growth.

Treatments available

1.Laser Treatment: Laser treatment can easily remove tan. This treatment uses a Laser device to break down pigment to greatly reduce tanning.

2.Chemical Peeling: Chemical Peeling uses the application of certain chemicals to rid your skin of tans.

Tan Removal

What to expect

Under Laser treatment, your skin is penetrated with Laser and which in turn destroys the tanned skin cells giving way to newer, healthier skin.

Chemical Peeling can also effectively get rid of your tans because of the chemical solutions that vigorously work in removing the dark patches.

Time frame

Tan removal is a small process and may not require too many sessions, It only requires around 3-4 sessions of Laser treatment.

Chemical Peeling only requires 2-5 sessions of treatment which can be done in around 5 months.

Side effects

Some of the side effects for Laser treatment include redness anditchiness on the skin.

Side effects of Chemical Peeling can include skin irritation and rashes.