What is OxyGeneo facial?

OxyGeneo is a type of medi-facial that exfoliates the topmost layer of skin, thereby removing all the dead skin cells and waste on the skin. This will allow new, robust skin to appear. This treatment generates an excess of CO2 bubbles in the skin that permeate inside the upper layer of skin to trigger the physiological response known as Bohr Effect. During the Bohr Effect, the body sends O2 rich blood to the skin to replace the CO2. This results in favourable skin oxygenation and improved cellular activity.

How is it beneficial?

OxyGeneo™ infuses nutrients, vitamins and active ingredients through injections that nourish the skin and promote healthier skin growth and smoother complexion. Some of its benefits also include skin plumping and hydration, restoring skin volume, enhancing a youthful glow, increasing collagen production, reducing hyper-pigmentation and reducing wrinkles.


What to expect

The OxyGeneoTM serum injected into your skin can cause your skin to appear red. You will also feel a little pain because of the pricking. OxyGeneo treatments will continue to show good results even after the client is done with the procedure. So your skin may look better just 1 to 2 days after treatment.

Time frame

Each session of OxyGeneo takes about 35-45 minutes and you only require one session of this treatment to see the improvement last for several days.

Side effects

You will only notice a slight redness on your skin after this treatment which will subside within a day. Some other side effects include puffiness and allergic reactions to the serum.