Open Pores Treatment


High levels of sebum production, hair follicles and hereditary genetics are usually the main causes of open pores. Open pores can be a cause for concern for any individual, as large pores can be prone to accumulation of dirt which further causes acne and rashes. Open pores also clog your pores making it difficult for your skin to receive oxygen. Open pores can keep appearing larger and larger as you age. So it's better if you get treatment for it in its early stage itself. We, at Manya Aesthetics provide various treatments for the unclogging and closing of pores. We don't just unclog the pores we also remove any type of dirt which is there.

Large open pores on the legs can cause you to have a condition called ‘Strawberry Legs’. This is when your legs start to appear like the outer skin of a strawberry. Treatment with Laser and other methods can cure this condition.

Open Pores Treatment

Treatments available

1.Laser Treatment: Laser treatment for large pores work in instigating Collagen production for the skin and thereby closing the pores and making your skin appear smoother.

2.Chemical Peeling: By putting a chemical solution on your large pores, the outer-most layer of your skin is removed and new skin is formed which tightens the pores.

3.Microneedling: Microneedling involves creating micro injuries on your skin with needles. This is done to increase Collagen production and tighten your pores, making them much less visible.

What to expect

Laser treatment usually doesn’t involve any painful procedures. It only requires a Laser to penetrate through your skin and increase Collagen production. The Laser is non-ablative. The Laser also works in making your skin look brighter, decreasing facial lines and minimizing the size of pores.

Usually, a chemical known as trichloracetic acid is used to destroy the topmost layer of the skin to make way for newer skin. After using a chemical peel you will be left with your skin looking a little red and scary. This only means the stimulation of collagen production is taking place and healthier looking skin will appear very soon.

Microneedling is a technique wherein the doctor uses a rotating brush-like device that pricks your skin with needles to facilitate a process known as wound healing. When wound healing takes place, more Collagen is produced in your skin. This collagen is useful in tightening your pores.

Time frame

Laser treatment for open pores can take about 20-40 minutes per session, and around 6-8 sessions may be required depending on the size of the pores.

Chemical Peeling will require around 3-4 session and a gap of 30 days is necessary between each session. Therefore they can be completed within a span of 4 months or less.

Microneedling typically needs quite a few months of treatment. For open pores treatment, you will typically require around 6-8 sessions that will span around 8 months, as there should be a gap of 30 days between each session.

Side effects

Temporary redness, itchiness and mild irritation are all small side effects to Laser treatment for open pores.

Itchiness, changes in skin colour and scarring can be the side effects to Chemical Peeling. However, this is very rare and will go back to normal within a month.

Side effects to Microneedling include pain due to needles piercing your skin during treatment. This pain will need atleast 20 days to go away.