Freckles Removal


Freckles are usually caused by an increased production of melanin on the skin. They are most likely to occur on people with lighter skin tones as they already have a deficiency of Melanin. They develop on portions of the skin that are more exposed to sunlight, such as your hands and face. Nobody is born with freckles, your genetics play a major role in determining how prone your skin is to developing freckles.

Treatments available

1.Laser Treatment:The Laser removal procedure for freckles works by targeting the Melanin accumulations in your skin. The laser light selectively targets the pigment inside your freckles and breaks it up into tiny particles which can then be released from your skin as part of your skin's biological process.

Frackles Removal

What to expect

The doctor uses sharp and intense Laser that will only target the specific freckles on your skin. Whilst this happens you will feel prickly heat sensations on those specific areas of your skin. This laser not only destroys the melanin pigment in your freckle but also any hair follicle that might be growing from it.

Time frame

This treatment would require 2-3 sessions at the most depending on the number and severity of the freckles. Each session can be completed in and around 30 to 45 minutes.

Side effects

You will feel a little burning sensation on the areas being treated, but this is only during the procedure. In some cases you will also see a little redness and discomfort on the skin even a couple of days after the treatment but this is rare.