Eyebrow Reconstruction


The cause for weirdly shaped eyebrows are mainly hereditary unless you have been affected with an accident that has deformed your eyebrows. Whatever the case, if you want make your eyebrows look pretty, then you must undergo an eyebrow reconstruction treatment.

Treatments available

1.Laser Treatment: Laser treatment on your eyebrows can be used to both destroy hair follicles in unwanted areas as well as regrow hair in areas where hair is required.

2.PRP therapy: PRP stands for Platelet rich Plasma. This treatment involves the injection of PRP into your eyebrows in order to increase hair growth in the desired areas.

Eyebrow Reconstruction

What to expect

Laser permeates your skin in order reshape your eyebrows in the desired form. The wavelength of the laser is set carefully to target the follicles of the hair and not affect the skin in anyway.

PRP therapy involves using of injections containing PRP to regrow your hair in places where it is required. Slight pain is expected as the doctor uses injections on the areas surrounding your eyebrows.

Time frame

The laser treatment for eyebrow reconstruction would take around 4-5 sessions. This can be completed in 5 months.

A PRP treatment requires 6-8 sessions which further require a gap of 30 days between each session.

Side effects

You will feel some itchiness near your eyebrows for a short while after the procedure.

Side effects to PRP treatment for eyebrow reconstruction include temporary pain and discomfort.