Carbon Peeling

What is Carbon Peeling?

Carbon Peeling is a path-breaking procedure in the field of dermatology. Carbon peeling is extremely effective in removing impurities from your skin and giving it a luminescent glow. The carbon peel essentially works to restore skin balance, enhancing the skin's natural glow and giving it an even and smooth texture.

Treatments available

Carbon Peeling is a two stage process. At the first stage,a carbon lotion is applied to your skin to absorb all impurities. And then a Laser is exposed to your skin creating controlled thermal damage to stimulate the healing process. This induces an increased flow of Collagen, Elastin and Fibroblast production. With this, the skin receives intensive skin exfoliation, in addition to this, it is also beneficial to skin with enlarged pores as the pores become tighter.

Carbon Peeling

What to expect

One session of the carbon peeling treatment will take 30 minutes, usually the treatment takes about five to six sessions. Post-treatment you may feel some slight irritation and redness on your skin, but not to worry, this usually subsides within a short while. The Carbon Peeling can be used to treat a wide range of skin concerns like Acne, pigmentation,bacne, tired and lifeless skin, etc.

Time frame

A Carbon Peeling treatment usually lasts about five to six sessions and spans over two to three months. A gap of at least 10 days is required between each session of Carbon Peeling.

Side effects

Temporary redness and irritation of the skin which will go away after a short while.