Balding and Hair Regrowth Solutions


Baldness can be a cause of genetics, stress or old age. Baldness can be reversed thanks to hair regrowth procedures through Laser treatments. The Laser hair growth procedure conducted at Manya is sure to regrow your hair on your scalp wherever bald spots occur.

Treatments available

1.Laser Treatment: There are special Lasers used in the Laser treatment of hair regrowth that will replenish the scalp with new roots for hair follicles.

2.HaiRestart: HaiRestart is a sought-after procedure for hair regrowth. It rejuvenates your hair follicles and stimulates new hair growth. HaiRestart is a certified procedure by Fotona.

Balding and Hair Regrowth Solutions

What to expect

Laser treatment for your hair will not cause any pain. It is just the projection of Laser on your scalp to enhance reproduction of hair follicles. You will only feel a hot sensation on your skin during and exactly after the treatment.

HaiRestart uses a laser to provide a controlled, bulk-heating on the scalp that restores hair growth.

Time frame

The procedure will last for a couple of months and will require at least 4 sessions.

The sessions for HaiRestart will take 6 sessions that can be done in 3 months of time.

Side effects

Some side effects for Laser hair growth procedure includes redness

Immediately after the HaiRestart treatment you will notice some redness and swelling on your scalp, but this will subside within a day itself.